Recent Submissions

  • Trade credit and bank credit: Evidence from recent financial crises 

    Preve, Lorenzo; Inessa, Love; Sarria Allende, Virginia ("Financial Market Development and emerging and transition economies. Hyderabad, India. ", 2003)
    This paper studies the effect of financial crises on trade credit for a sample of 890 firms in six emerging economies. Although the provision of trade credit increases right after a crisis, it contracts in the following ...
  • Theory and practice of corporate finance: Evidence and distinctive features in Latin America 

    Preve, Lorenzo; Sarria Allende, Virginia; Maquieira, Carlos (Emerging Markets Review, 2011)
    We survey 290 LATAM firms on capital budgeting, cost of capital and capital structure issues. We analyze the results and compare them to those of other studies. We interpret differences according to special features ...
  • Trade Receivables Policy of Distressed Firms and its Effect on the Cost of Financial Distress 

    Preve, Lorenzo; Molina, Carlos (Financial Management, 2009)
    This paper studies the trade receivables policy of distressed firms as the trade-off between the firm's willingness to gain sales and the firm's need for cash. We find that firms increase trade receivables when they have ...
  • La agenda del CEO Latinoamericano 

    Carrera, Alejandro (Harvard Business Review America Latina, 2011)
    Descubra cómo la conducta del máximo ejecutivo de nuestro continente refleja factores tales como el ciclo económico, la experiencia en el cargo, la propiedad y la procedencia de una empresa.