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    • The common good and economics 

      Crespo, Ricardo (“The Common Good and Economics”, en Cuadernos de Economía A10, A13, B59, 2015)
      This paper analyzes the meaning of the ‘common good’ and its impact on economics.It adopts the ‘classical notion of the common good’ which, conceived by Aristotle and furtherdeveloped by Thomas Aquinas, has been widely ...
    • Happiness Economics, Eudaimonia and Positive Psychology: From Happiness Economics to Flourishing Economics 

      Crespo, Ricardo; Mesurado, Belen (Journal of happiness studies, June 2014,, 2014)
      A remarkable current development, happiness economics focuses on the relevance of people’s happiness in economic analyses. As this theory has been criticised for relying on an incomplete notion of happiness, this paper ...