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    • Bronchogenic cyst in an unusual location 

      Gutiérrez, Guillermo.; Bastianelli, Gustavo.; Vaccarino, Guillermo.; Et al. (SAGE Publications, 2021-01)
      Abstract Bronchogenic cysts are congenital anomalies of the respiratory tract, which can affect children or adults. In adults, these cysts may be asymptomatic or present with symptoms, most often pain or cough. Intrapericardial ...
    • Relación entre el strain rate y la estructura miocárdica en la estenosis aórtica grave 

      Hita, Alejandro.; Baratta, Sergio.; Chejtman, Demian.; Benticuaga, Alejandro.; Costantini, Ricardo.; Vaccarino, Guillermo.; Donato, Martin. (Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología, 2015-02-01)
      Background: In severe symptomatic aortic stenosis (SSAS) altered global longitudinal systolic strain (GLSS) would correlate with changes in myocardial histological architecture and could identify early contractile involvement ...